Quick Hits: The Yzerman Speaks Edition

In Red Wings Land

Yzerman’s media availability from yesterday discusses the team’s moves in free agency and how things are playing out.  He shares a lot of great info in here.

Around the League

Now that the sponsors have begun bailing, Hockey Canada has committed to taking this issue seriously. You want them to get it right, but we’re at a point that honestly their investigation probably deserves an investigation just to make sure it’s actually done right.

There’s a read on this that accepts Bettman would potentially find trouble with the NHLPA if he were to talk about compelling players to participate or punishing them for going the Duncan Keith route, but that’s pretty generous considering he could have said he would appreciate the NHLPA’s partnership in helping make sure the right thing is done and he didn’t do that.

Bettman is playing this with an eye towards hoping it blows over without him answering any more questions. It’s a chance to take a strong stand to do the right thing and he’s passing on it again.