Quick Hits: Vegas Golden Knights name change?

Army 'reviewing' Vegas Golden Knights name | Puck Daddy

Maybe they should've just gone with Desert Knights? It's unlikely the team will actually have to change it's name, but it's an interesting story nonetheless. I had no idea there was already a Golden Knights team in the Army. It would have been pretty cool if the team had incorporated the whole parachute thing as a secondary logo. Hell, they've got themselves a ready made mascot: A parachuting Golden Knight with a hockey stick.

5 ways the new $733M Red Wings arena may change your view of Detroit | MLive.com

Pretty slow news day for the Red Wings on Monday. There were some injuries and roster moves, but we covered it all right HERE! So while you wait for the puck to drop tonight against the Stars... you can read about why Little Caesars Arena and the surround area should be a upgrade for downtown Detroit.

Let's Go Red Wings.