Quick Hits: Vials Of Memories Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings Announce Joe Louis Arena Melted Ice Vials On Sale Now | Alex DiFilippo, DetroitRedWings.com

I can almost see this coming across in an info-mercial, or on Home Shopping Network.  "For the low-low price of $85, including shipping (that’s a steal of Datsyukian proportions!), you can own your own bit of melted ice from The Joe!"  Nowhere does it actually say that this is melted ice from the playing surface, so it may just be a melted ice cube from the Legends Club fridge Ted Lindsay left a cold cut in dating back to 1991, but it’s still from The Joe!

All joking aside, if this REALLY is from the final rink ice-melt at The Joe, that’s pretty cool.  And who are any of us to judge anyway?  I personally collect ink scribbles on vulcanized rubber from guys who play a kid’s game as their job, so... ya know, you do you if you think this is cool.

Besides, proceeds are going to the Detroit Red Wings Foundation.  Even if this was a vial of Chris Ilitch’s toilet water, there are worse ways to spend $85 than helping under-privileged kids get involved in hockey.

Around The League

The NHL Is Not Allowing Players to Compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Here's What to Know | Jennifer Calfas, Time.com

Not that we didnt know this before, but it’s cool to get another perspective and some in-depth reporting on what happened.  The TL;DR version of any kind of dispute like this is always going boil down to money, but it’s still an interesting read.

It still blows my mind that the NHL doesn’t think of the global stage as a platform to grow their brand and product.  Gary Bettman & His Merry Band Of Sycophant Crybabies make millions at this game, though, so I guess they get to play it however they want.  But fair warning to them - when Time writes a piece about you and the IOC, and you’re the ones who end up looking like spoiled brats who took their toys and went home instead of the corrupt-as-hell-Olympic-committee (maybe only second in corruption behind FIFA), you should probably take a second look at what you’re doing and why you're doing it.