Quick Hits: Jersey Advertisements Coming At World Cup

Red Wings News

Lightning 5, Red Wings 1: Lack of details, poor defensive play finally catch up to Detroit | MLive.com
It was bound to happen eventually...Not a good game to say the least.

Gordie Howe’s ‘miracle’ in Mexico stirs experts’ doubts about stem-cell therapy - The Globe and Mail
Stem cell experts are cautious about the procedure that Howe underwent, and are unsure if he should undergo another procedure because there is not enough scientific evidence to show that it is not harmful.

Red Wings officially announce free public Wi-Fi available at Joe Louis Arena | MiHockey
As much as I dislike seeing people glued to their phones during sporting events, having the option to check emails or Twitter is nice.

Quick Q&A with Red Wings forward Joakim Andersson | The Detroit News
Andersson is an Arsenal fan. Better than being a City or Chelsea fan, but it is what it is.

Hard work continues to pay for Glendening - Detroit Red Wings
Glendening has been impressive this season, and has far surpassed my expectations. Unlike a player like Tatar or Nyquist, he does not base his play on skill, but rather on just working hard every shift.

Red Wings will send Gustavsson to GR for conditioning when he heals; whither Xavier Ouellet? | The Malik Report
Gustavsson appears to be nearing his return. But, before he returns to the Wings he will head down to Grand Rapids on a conditioning stint.

NHL News

American Hockey League moves franchise affiliations to California | Puck Daddy
What can I say, it might not be the greatest thing for the Griffins, but it makes complete sense from a hockey perspective.

NHL expected to feature jersey ads during World Cup, sponsors say | TSN
Personally, I am not a fan of commercialism, but I do recognize that jersey sponsors are an inevitability which the North American sports leagues have so far managed to evade. As long as the advertisements are not too overwhelming, as they are in the European hockey leagues, then I do not have a problem with them arriving on hockey jerseys. Something along the lines of how European soccer teams have their ads is what I imagine the NHL doing.

Brodeur announces retirement, leaves ‘the game with a big smile on my face’ | ProHockeyTalk
Brodeur's retirement is official. There is no doubting that he had a phenomenal career, but he should have retired at the end of last season.

Who will be the NHL's 50-goal scorer this season? - CBSSports.com
If anyone gets it it will be either Rick Nash or Alex Ovechkin.

World Cup of Hockey 2016: projecting Finland’s roster | The Hockey News

Teemu Pulkkinen does have a chance of making the roster if he is a regular with the Wings next season. It is tough to say how good his chances are, but based off of some of the other names on this list, I think he has a chance.

Agent: Oilers legal case no concern to McDavid - Sportsnet.ca
It would be hilarious if McDavid refused to sign with the Oilers and pulled a Lindros.

Kings to visit White House, be honored by Obama on Monday | ProHockeyTalk
L.A. Galaxy midfielder Stefan Ishizaki, who responded to WiiM's "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" last summer, will also be there on Monday.

Tyler Johnson could lead U.S. World Cup roster | USA Today
As the article mentions, Danny DeKeyser and Justin Abdelkader will both have a chance of making the team, but their chances are not great. Jimmy Howard should be a lock for the team unless he either regresses or if someone like John Gibson were to have a phenomenal season in 2016.

Separation between East’s have & have-not teams will make NHL trade deadline unique | The Hockey News

The Sabres, Hurricanes, Flyers, Maple Leafs, Senators, Blue Jackets, and Devils are all but guaranteed to miss the playoffs at this point. That means that a lot of players could be up for grabs from those teams. But, teams in the Eastern Conference will be much more keen on shipping their players out west, rather than strengthening their conference opponents.

Let's Go Red Wings!