Quiz: Detroit Red Wings First Round Draft Picks Since 1984

Time once again to test your Red Wings knowledge

It is draft week and what better way to celebrate the run up to the draft then to look back on the Red Wings draft history and wonder, "What were they thinking?"

In 1983 the Detroit Red Wings selected future Hall of Famer and all time Red Wings great Steve Yzerman with the fourth pick in the draft. Since then they have selected 22 individuals in the first round. How many can you name?

The rules are simple. Hit the play button to start the timer and unlock the answer box. You do not have to go in any specific order and only have to enter the player's last name...but you do have to spell it correctly.

Since Pavel Datsyuk was such an amazing player for the Red Wings despite not being selected until the 171st pick in the 1998 draft I put 13 minutes on the clock.

Good luck and Go Red Wings!