Recap - Canadiens 5 vs Red Wings 4

Detroit loses yet another heartbreaker in the 3rd period. Also, the sky is blue.

Big game, don't ya think? We're in the 10 game stretch of the 2013-2014 roller coaster of a season, and if you look up the term "important" in the dictionary you might find this game under the definition. Tonight, Canada's hottest hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens came into our house for a game of puck. Tonight marks the return of our favorite Slovakian dangle-machine Tomas Jurco. No pressure, kid.. Just start the game playing the big boy minutes!

Detroit came out and played probably one of the worst first periods possible. It was completely lethargic and downright depressing. The only line that showed life was the Kid Line, and that's to no surprise. Montreal came out and scored two goals from Tomas Pleckanec. Pretty much the worst way to come out against a relatively hot Montreal team. Detroit was able to come out in the 2nd period and answer with some life and energy that lead to a goal from Riley Sheahan on a really nice feed from Luke Glendening.

After that goal was scored, Detroit went back on their heels and Jimmy Howard had to bail them out with three MASSIVE saves. Unable to feed off the energy that Jimmy was giving them, Montreal capitalized and scored another goal to make the tilt 3-1.

What to say about the third period? It was a flurry of goals, two of which came from Tomas Tatar and one from Johan Franzen. Unfortunately, Detroit could not come out on top in the end. Habs win 5-4, and the guilotine blade slides closer to the throat of our beloved Wings. We showed that the ability to score is there, but the defense is what hurt them in the long run. The defense MUST be better in order to make a run.

So, yeah. Big game on Saturday.. I guess. At the pace they are going right now, Detroit can afford to lose TWO more games. I chalk those up to Pittsburgh and St. Louis. Other than that, they have to win. No wins, no playoffs. Nine games left, boys & girls. Buckle up. This one's not gonna be easy. I don't care what the situation is, the kids need to be playing big-time minutes from here on out. They are our saving grace and it has never been so obvious. This loss stings. Let's bounce back.