Speechless: Detroit Red Wings 2 - Anaheim Ducks 3

I am speechless. Literally, speechless.

The Wings played a well-fought game where they deserved at least one point. Yet, in the end, the Red Wings came up empty-handed after a questionable and detrimental goal scored by Ryan Getzlaf with 26 seconds left in the game.

The end result of the game does not reflect the Wings' play up until Getzlaf's game-winning goal. There were a lot of positives that we can take away from this game, despite the fact that we did not take away any points.

To the bullets!

  • The first period was the least entertaining out of the three. Both team's created chances, including a goalpost by Tomas Tatar. Nestrasil made a beautiful play along the boards which led ultimately led to Tatar's chance. It will be really interesting to see what happens when Pavel Datsyuk returns from his injury.
  • The game intensified during the second period, with Anaheim taking the lead just over a minute into the period. Jimmy Howard mishandled the puck behind his net, turning the puck over to Corey Perry. Perry would in-turn assist Getzlaf, who scored his first of two goals on the night.
  • The Wings would finally answer the Ducks towards the end of the period. Justin Abdelkader set up Luke Glendening, for a nice MSU-UofM collaboration to tie the game up.
  • Andrej Nestrasil continued to impress in the second period. He nearly scored on Frederik Andersen. Maybe this kid will stick around, after all?
  • Near the end of the second period, Glendening was presented with a prime opportunity to score his second goal of the game. He found himself on a breakaway, but in equally-prime Helmesque fashion, did not manage to score. Seriously, the Wings should have Glendening and Helm spend next summer in Russia with Datsyuk. Maybe he can teach them a thing or two.
  • The third period was as enthralling as the its predecessor, despite its ending. Barely into the period, Joakim Andersson nearly managed to score. Andersson's play today really impressed me. You can tell that he is trying to prove himself to the Wings' coaches.
  • Gustav Nyquist made sure to compensate for Andy's miss, as he gave the Wings the lead with a little under two minutes gone in the period. #NyquistForHart
  • One minute later, the Ducks would tie the game up after a poor line-change by the Wings gave Matt Beleskey his first goal of the season. As FSD pointed out, both of the Ducks' first two goals were scored after mistakes by the Wings. Hopefully this is just a sign of early-season rust, rather than being a greater issue.
  • After the two early goals, the teams exchanged chances throughout the rest of the third period. Everyone, myself included, felt perfectly fine with the game going to overtime. Both teams had deserved a point, and OT would have been a fair way to end the game.
  • Instead, Ryan Getzlaf had to step in and unbalance our universe.

This game was extremely encouraging and disappointing, and thankfully, the season is still young, and the game's awful ending will hopefully not have a major impact on the Wings' long-term prospects. There are a lot of positives to take away from this game. Nestrasil, Glendening, Andersson, and Nyquist all looked great. And, Jimmy Howard was not too shabby either.

We may have lost this battle, but we are winning the Cup!

Next up for the Red Wings are the Bruins on Wednesday.

Let's Go Red Wings!