Recap: Pittsburgh Penguins 4 Detroit Red Wings 5

What do I put here? What should I say? WHO CARES! LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!

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<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>Today, we had some Twitter fun with a little widget that shows you any accounts first tweet ever. I thought this was a pretty cool case because check that date! 2008. Pretty cool year for Detroit Red Wings hockey. Remember who we beat to hoist that big ol' shiny trophy everyone is so fixated on? Good times.. *pours a drink, hands it to the dog, keeps rest of the bottle for himself*

Tonight we saw Sidney Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins come on over in the NHL premiere Battle of the Bruised. Why do I call it that? These are the top two teams in the league as far as Man Games Lost goes. Difference is Pittsburgh (419 MGL) remains to have the two best centers in the game healthy and chugging along while Detroit (323 MGL) has turned into a Grand Rapids Griffins garage sale. After top-pair defenseman Jonathan Ericsson went down with a finger injury, the pride of the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Brendan Smith stands next to Niklas Kronwall to play the big-boy minutes against players to the likes of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and James Neal


  • Daniel Alfredsson opened up the scoring tonight, and I couldn't be happier it came from him. Before his goal in Toronto he hadn't scored in 10 games. We need you now, Alfie. To add to this goal, I must ask... Is there anything more satisfying than hearing Erich Freiny's voice say Danny DeKeyser? DANNY DEKEEYYYYSERRRRRR! No, but on a serious note.. About halfway through the 1st the famous Babcock line-blender went to work as DeKeyser was paired up with Kronwall and Smith was put with Kindl. The first period ended up with the Pens having the 11-8 edge in shots. Detroit did a good job at cleaning up the garbage, but there were times when Pittsburgh was cycling around them and Detroit was starting to get tired. Not something you want against this team. Gain possession, and get it out of your zone like a bat outta hell.
  • Who wants to go see Boyz II Men with me
  • How about this Gustav Nyquist guy? Hole-lee shit. He remains to be white hot after netting a power-play goal in the 2nd period. That's his 20th of the year... How much money are we going to have to pay him? Who cares. PAY HIM. The game went from really good to really bad in about 5 minutes. That's what a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins will do to you. at the end of the second period the Pens were up 3-2. Detroit took a couple of really bad penalties that cost them. Let's just try and do our best to end this game without an injury, sound good?!
  • What to say about the third period? The kid line continues to kill it. Slick goal from Tomas Tatar, but I really need to point out Riley Sheahan and his ability to dish the puck. What a nasty saucer pass to give Tatar the equalizer. Tomino has been running cold lately so this is huge for him. Let's hope this turns the page for him. Todd Bertuzzi put the Wings up by one on a goal that was misdirected off a Pens defenseman.. Pittsburgh wouldn't go quietly as they got the equalizer not shortly after. I really do have to point out how solid of a game Jimmy Howard had. He faced a myriad of shots.. A few of these goals were flukey, so say what you want.. He came up big when it mattered most.

How long does it take to score a goal?


The Detroit Hockey Red Wings. They did it. They took this game to overtime and came out on top. Daniel Alfredsson scores on a feed from Gustav Nyquist with FOUR TENTHS OF A SECOND LEFT IN OVERTIME and David beats Goliath. Alfie ended the game with 2 goals and 1 assist and now has 69 (heh heh alriggggght) career points in 66 games against the Pens. Wow. What a massive win. In a game where we all pretty much had it chalked up to lose and move onto the next, the boys barge through the door and kick one of the best teams in the league square in the nards. Now if you will excuse me.. I have to go pop my arm back into it's socket. It came out as I was fist-pumping around my living room. Thank you, Grandpa Sweden and thank you to an incredible performance by the penalty kill unit. You guys earned your paychecks this week, that's for sure.

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