RECAP: Red Wings Lose to Maple Leafs

In the second-to-last game of the preseason, the Red Wings came into Toronto to go head-to-head with the Maple Leafs.

Let's face it, folks. This game sucked in so many ways. The Red Wings were outshot, and outplayed. Dion Phaneuf had a field day with the Wings, posting two goals and an assist. But let's talk about what I saw from the Red Wings...

Jonas Gustavsson did not play well. I feel like he has serious issues with his blocker-side. You can't tell me that Petr Mrazek wasn't a better choice over him. Sure, he helped us get through last year but I just don't buy into that. His mechanics are whack, and he makes saves off of sheer fairy dust and miracles. That being said, he did make a couple big saves off his pillows early-on in the game. The defense definitely did not do him any favors at all. At what should have been a great pairing, I thought the pair of Niklas Kronwall and Brendan Smith looks very pedestrian.

Bright sides to this game? While there were not many, I thought Xavier Ouellet and Nick Jensen looked decent, as always. XO potted himself a goal, his first at the NHL level (I know it's preseason, but it counts for me), and Jensen continues to show that he is better than both Brian Lashoff and Jakub Kindl combined. He moves the puck, and moves it quickly. Something Mike Babcock has said he wants, oh and how about this.. He is a righty! Weird..

Look, there's not much to say about this game on my end. Detroit came into the building late, and performed like it. You could tell, they just looked slow and unprepared. I'm not one to ever make excuses, but I cannot imagine that going from plane, to bus, to rink, to ice all in the matter of a couple of hours is good for you mentally. All of the big-name players didn't really impress me. It was a very MEH game for me. But hey, it was preseason so who the fuck cares? I'll tell you who.. TORONTO FANS. That's who. Don't worry, Leafs fans.. They got the Stanley Cup ready for you.

Wings lose, 5-1. Boston tomorrow, folks. Gird your loins.

Kyle's player of the game: Nick Jensen
0 goals, 0 assists, +1 in 14:05 TOI. (he was the only player tonight to have a plus rating, also his name is Nick. That is a good name in my opinion.)