RECAP: Wings 1 Leafs 0

It's always a special occasion to have Toronto come into your barn for an original six rivalry. Tonight was no exception, as both teams played very well at times.
The story of the game was largely the goalies, in my opinion. Both Jonas Gustavsson, and Jonathan Bernier played out of their minds and came up with huge saves to keep their teams tied through sixty minutes. There's a lot of controversy surrounding Gustavsson, but he made two giant breakaway saves in the first period to keep the Maple Leafs scoreless. Jonathan Bernier was certainly on his game as well, providing big saves when his team was pinned in their own zone.

The game ended up in OT, and both teams earned their point. Both teams performed fantastic throughout the entire night, creating chances and moving the puck. Honestly this was one of the most entertaining games I have watched in some time...
But hey, let me switch over to my fan side real quick...

Have you ever heard of Henrik Zetterberg? Well, let me tell you something about him real quick:
With 10 seconds left in overtime, Captain Hank ripped a one-timer from Niklas Kronwall past Jonathan Bernier to seal the win for our Detroit Red Wings. I was drinking some beers when this happened, and now I am drinking a lot more beers. What a game. What a team. What a MANNNNN.

It's also important to note that Jonas Gustavsson posted a 30 save shutout against the team that nearly ended his NHL career because of how bad they are. How awesome is that? Ultra troll-bait, imo.

I'll keep this recap short and sweet folks, it was a great win by the good guys, and a well deserved point for the Leafs.. But at the end of the night, this is all that matters: