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Red Wings Announce Helmet Sponsorship Deal with UWM

Today, the Red Wings announced a partnership with United Wholesale Mortgage, a mortgage lender based out of Pontiac, Michigan, to place advertisements on the Red Wings’ helmets. Red Wings home, away, and practice helmets will now include the UWM logo along either side. More details included below:

There seems to be basically two camps when it comes to corporate sponsorships on uniforms: the “they’re ruining the uniform and also maybe all of sports” crowd and the “whatever” crowd. I’m firmly planted in the former, although I appreciate the argument of the latter. I’m looking forward to Larkin thanking UWM while hoisting the Stanley Cup someday.

On the bright side, at least the Red Wings and Illitch Holdings have gone with a Michigan-based company once again, similarly to selling the corporate sponsorship naming rights on the new arena to Little Caesars (which is owned by Illitch Holdings, but it’s better than Chase Bank or something.) Still, that argument to me has always felt like we’re just accepting that it could have been worse.

What are your thoughts?

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