Red Wings at Avalanche: Rank 'Em! Stadium Series Edition

Rank 'Em!

Help, I'm sick, and I'm getting dizzy from watching this Stadium Series game.

Oh wait, that's just NBC and its camera work. (I am really sick though.)

Quick Thoughts

  • Seriously, if I weren't recapping this game, I would have waited for the highlights because of the awful camera decisions. You'd think with all the different arms of NBC Sports media, they could have put these camera angles online for people who wanted to watch the game that way.
  • Well, hopefully taking the power play outside gave it enough of a chance to get all the stink out.
  • I'm not sure how this team can be shopping Brendan Smith after watching how the defense played tonight. But hey, point shots led to rebounds led to two of the goals.

Now you give thumbs up or down for everybody depending on how well you thought they did their jobs. No vote equals neutral, which should be fair for some of these guys.

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