Red Wings at Canucks: Rank 'Em!

Detroit's Western Canada road trip is over and now the Wings will return back East licking their wounds. Unfortunately, they spent the first 40 minutes of the game sucking and then had to play catch-up, stealing one point to get into OT after going down 2-0. Then they stole another as Nyquist won it in OT!

Quick Thoughts

  • If it weren't very late, I might spend a few hours just finding all the stuff talking about how the Wings would never win again.
  • Why don't they make the entire airplane out of the third period?
  • Petr Mrazek is good. /

If you're new here, the drill is that you give each player a thumbs up or thumbs down (or abstain) depending on how well you think he played tonight, then you go into the comments and tell everybody else how they should be voting because it's a blogocracy and we have no qualms about people campaigning at the polling station.

Best Red Wings Players