Red Wings at Devils: Rank 'Em!

It was Star Wars night in Newark tonight so the Red Wings went into the Prudential Center trying to to see if they could get away with Tattooine the Devils or if it's a trap. After taking a 2-0 lead, the Wings got caught up on with 5:20 left in the third. Another OT game for the Wings and a loss.

Quick Thoughts

  • The power play scored multiple goals. Multiple!
  • Jimmy Howard deserved better.
  • Brad Richards is trying real hard to score, but between slight delays in shooting and what looks like a few miles per hour lost on his release, the guy just can't find the holes in the goalies./

Time for the voting thing where you give thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your very strong feelings and don't give thumbs at all for the kind of melancholy-inducing "meh".

Detroit Red Wings Coach