Red Wings at Flames: Rank 'Em!

Here we are again, another immediate postgame post where we ask you all to tell us what you thought about the players' performances. This time against the Flames. Detroit held onto a 2-1 lead for a long time in this game before blowing that and allowing the game to get to 3-on-3, which they then lost in. 3-2 Flames.

Quick Thoughts

Joe Colborne is excrement

So is Sam Bennett

Seriously though, fuck the Flames.

The voting system is the same as it ever was. If you thought the hockey coming from the guy's body was high-quality hockey, then you give him a thumbs up fort hat. If you thought the guy was secreting bad hockey from his hockey glands, then he gets a thumbs down. We're doing something slightly different this time in regards to trying to keep the lemmings from being biased by a dynamically re-ranking list, so your votes won't move guys up and down as you submit them, but they'll count all the same.

Have fun!

Best Red Wings Players