Red Wings at Islanders: Rank 'Em!

The Wings headed into Brooklyn tonight to show off for a car with front-row seats as they played the Islanders. The Wings had a real good second period and that's what made the difference in the win, though of course it had to be close. Glendening scored though, so that's an auto-win.

Quick Thoughts

  • The car. I just can't get over the car that has a better view than like half the seats in that arena.
  • This being the first game against the Islanders this year, I know why I don't really hate them in a Metro division full of teams easy to hate. I'm sure the coming weeks will help with that though.
  • Surprisingly, Eric Tangradi didn't score./

Now you do the voting. Give a thumbs up or down depending on your feelings for the people involved. No vote = neutral. Thanks and happy voting!

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