Red Wings at Islanders: Rank 'Em!

The Red Wings lost in a pretty embarrassing fashion today. They looked completely out of sync, and after a solid first period, they were buried by the Isles. Unfortunately for them, they weren't playing with a goalie who was capable of stealing one for them.

Yeah, they played a game yesterday, and then had this damn game start early. Yadda-yadda, excuse, excuse. I get it, but the fatigue took over this team in the second period, and it was all downhill from there.

Quick Thoughts

  • Pavel Datsyuk continued his dominance by scoring the lone-goal for Detroit. Everything else was bad.
  • The power-play is awful again.
  • Jimmy Howard.. I don't even know what to say there anymore. Not now at least, I'll need to digest the fact that he has given up three goals in his last eight starts. Not good./

Now you'll help out by voting thumbs up or down for each player depending on whether you thought he played well or didn't. All very scientific stuff.

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