Red Wings at Kings: Rank 'Em!

The Wings traveled all the way from Anaheim to Los Angeles to play the Kings on a second night of back-to-backs with only 11 forwards. The Wings made a decent game of it, but got a deserved loss. 4-2 Kings.

Quick Thoughts

  • Luke Schenn wears #52 in Los Angeles and I couldn't think of a more perfect number for a big defenseman who is a trash heap in his own end.
  • Can you imagine thinking you'd rather the Red Wings have played Joakim Andersson prior to this game?
  • I think the Wings got away with quite a few penalties in the third and I'm not sure they would have benefited from a power play anyway so I'm not complaining about the refs. /

Now you use your late night anger-givin' thumbs to dole out some righteous justice on the people who done you wrong. Give those slapasses some real down-home country thumbs-downing for their dumb faces. But hey, if you liked what you saw from a guy, raise him up by your sole thumb into the annals (heh) of Rank 'Em history. We don't waste thumbs on nobodies around here, so keep yer damn thumb to yerself if you ain't got nuthin' good nor bad to say about somebody, ya hear?

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