Red Wings at Senators: Rank 'Em!

The Wings headed into Ottawa after a stinker in Pittsburgh trying to right the ship, but missing Larkin. Thanks to two big blunders by a Norris D-Man, Detroit held a lead for much of the latter half of the game before getting caught up on late and going to OT, then eventually the shootout. Naturally, the Wings lose because shootout.

Quick Thoughts

  • Erik Karlsson desperately wants to be a Red Wing. You can see it in how he plays.
  • I think the days of the real enforcer are thankfully winding down, but I would be lying if I were to say I wasn't happy about Kyle Quincey angrily flying in to tell Phaneuf to watch his mouth when it comes to jabbering at Henrik Zetterberg.
  • The game had only one ref for most of the night and most of the players don't even remember an NHL that only ever had one ref on the ice. I figured we might see more shit behind the play than we did, but not so much. /

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