Moritz Seider named NHL’s rookie of the year

What, like there was ever a doubt?

Look, I know you probably were a little nervous. I get it.

Moritz Seider is the NHL’s top rookie for the ‘21-’22 season and guess what? It wasn’t even close.

Since being drafted 6th overall in 2019, Moritz Seider has sliced his way through every level of hockey he’s competed at.. And I think it’s funny that the NHL seemed to be the level that he seemed most-comfortable with. I don’t need to give you too much analysis if you’re a Red Wings fan — even as a young man Moritz Seider has a refined skill in most aspects of the game. Seider played suited up in every single game this past season. He managed to put up 50 points (7-43—50) — one of the top-scorers in his class.

The Red Wings gave their star-studded rookie a nice little montage on Twitter: