Red Wings in Chicago: Rank 'Em!

Wings in Chicago for a rematch of Wednesday's loss and things started out real shitty for Petr Mrazek and the Wings, going down 2-0 after just 6:19. Detroit dominated the next 40 minutes or so and then fell apart again. Good lesson in how hard it is to win.

Quick Thoughts

  • Better nickname for Toews: Teflon Toews or Teflon John?
  • Being outside of the FS-D area meant being exposed to Foley and Olczyk, which is nigh-unbearable. Foley said the highest Wings pick in the last 20 years was 20th, despite that being badly false (with a #15 overall in the lineup for Detroit in this game). Edzo is just bad.
  • Artemi Panarin's Calder campaign is brought to you by AARP./

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