Red Wings Lose. By A Lot. Again.

Laughable effort leads to a laughable result. Red Wings lose 8-2 on the island

1st Period

Howard (And his 2-15-1 record) vs. Greiss. Nielsen (And his 6 Pts in 41 GP at $5.25M) vs. Barzal. Underway on the island and the legendary Nassau Coliseum. First minute of the game and the Red Wings get a bunch of chances in front of Greiss with Luke Glendening picking up rebounds left-and-right but he couldn’t bury one. Fun stat from Ken Daniels who says the Islanders are 15-2-1 in the second game of b2b games under Barry Trotz. The Isles lost 6-2 last night to the Rangers. Hahaha and right on cue, Barzal hits Eberle in front who dekes Howard, goes to the backhand and makes this game 1-0 Islanders. They score again. 32 seconds later. Dal Colle fires one that hits the post, Howard saved Kuhnackl’s rebound, but he was spinning around and Bailey was wide open to find the rebound. 2-0 Islanders, 4 minutes in... Oh good, Jeff Blashill calls timeout and is yelling at the team. Because clearly they respond to him so well. Matt Barzal just Datsyuk’d Lashoff so bad. Spun him everywhere and he hits the ice. 3-0 Islanders. On 6 shots. Mike Green lost an edge retrieving a pass from Howard, Beauvillier picked it up behind the net, threw it out front to Brock Nelson and it snuck through Jimmy Howard. And there goes Howard, Calvin Pickard in. We’re 8 minutes into this game folks. Finally hit the 1st TV timeout with 9:09 to go in the 1st. That’s 49:09 left in the game for those worried about me the rest of the way.

Hey we scored. Hronek let a shot go from the point that Greiss somehow never saw. Looked like it might have changed directions of an Islander player. Either way, it’s now 3-1 Islanders. Red Wings are playing a bit better as well since the goalie change, a lot more time in the Isles end. Until now. Delayed penalty on the Red Wings for tripping and the Islanders end up with too many men so we go 4-on-4 out of the 2nd TV timeout.

4-on-4 ends after a flurry of chances off deflections for both teams, no goals. And they score again. Eberle just pinched one into the zone, Barzal skated past all the lazy Red Wings, flipped it over to Anders Lee who finished it off. 4-1 Isles. Biega gets drilled in the head by Nelson, no call, and Biega wanted to fight but Nelson said no. Well now they get into it again and there’s a penalty coming up. Nelson will get it. Such a scummy play. Cross check to the head after he wouldn’t fight Biega. 1:53 of carryover PP time for the Red Wings in the 2nd.

Shots: 14-12 NYI

Score: 4-1 NYI

2nd Period

Well it can’t get worse right? Right?! (Spoiler: It did) Red Wings PP to begin things here in the 2nd. Good couple of looks for the Red Wings PP. Specifically great movement between Zadina, Larkin and Hronek. HAHA. Out of the box Nelson gets a breakaway and scores five-hole. 5-1 Islanders. The pass went to the point and Green just missed it. 6-1 NOW! 17:20 to go in the 2nd. Dobson shot one from the point that Biega like waved at, it hit off his glove and got passed Pickard. This is just insane. 1st goal in the career of Dobson too. Nice, LGD getting a penalty for absolutely steamrolling Toews into the boards. Do I smell 7-1? The answer is almost. A couple of in-tight chances, but the Islanders just missed the net. Red Wings almost get a shorty, but Larkin ripped it off of Greiss’s mask. Red Wings end up killing it off. 1st TV timeout.

I’m not sure what to keep writing here in all honesty. Finally halfway through this game and there will be no comeback, the team has given up and the Islanders may put up a 10-spot. Really nothing good can come out of this game unless they somehow make this close, which I just don’t see happening. I get it’s a rebuild and all, but this is just sad. And on cue out of the TV timeout, Barzal picked up a lose puck and slipped it by 12 inch over the goal line. Pickard got a piece of it with his stick, but not sure there’s enough to overturn it. 7-1 Islanders. OH MAN. They overturned it! Bowey saved a goal by 12 inch. So it stays 6-1. 5:44 to go in the 2nd now, final TV timeout.

Shots are 21-21 just so you know, it’s not like the Islanders are drastically outplaying Detroit. They pretty much are just sitting back now too, a lot of ice time from lines 3 and 4 too. It’s amazing watching teams sit back and how bad the Red Wings still are, even when they control the puck majority of the time. End of the 2nd. We suck.

Shots: 22-21 NYI

Score: 6-1 NYI

3rd Period

4 minutes into this period and it’s exactly how you’d imagine a 6-1 game where the far better team is the winning team. 1st shot of the period from the Islanders comes 5:12 in, and of course, it’s a goal. Face-off win, shot from Pulock, tip from Beauvillier and Pickard never had a chance. 7-1 Islanders. Oh my gosh, this is indescribable. Mayfield dumped one from center ice, Pickard went to play it, it hits a stanchion, comes out in front, open net for Komarov, 8-1 Islanders. Red Wings scored. Someone tipped it in front. Either way it’ll be Smith’s 1st career NHL goal or Abby’s 1st goal of the season. It’ll be Smith’s 1st goal! 8-2 Islanders. Red Wings on a PP now. They don’t score. 3 minutes to go and I am so happy this one’s over. Game over. They lost.

Shots: 36-26 DET (Haha)

Score: 8-2 NYI