Dylan Larkin is a good sport, shows support for his amazing D-Boss video that went viral overnight

Dylan Larkin is the best.

So by now, the video of Dylan Larkin shooting pucks at a net, acting goofy with his pal in their parent's basement has gone viral, so most of you know about it. Big thanks to @EGizinski for hosting it, and being a great sport about it throughout all of it. The best part about it was late Wednesday night when Dylan Larkin embraced his past like a good sport on Twitter after a big win against the Ottawa Senators at home:

After the video had been taken down, then reposted, it got a lot of notice from all sorts of blogs, websites, and even mainstream media. It was featured on multiple broadcasts including 971 The Ticket, Fox Sports Detroit, and countless others. The best part about it is that the man (or kid) himself, Dylan Larkin is now embracing the video. Yeah, maybe it's a bit cringe-worthy, and maybe it will give you a good hearty laugh, but you have to respect Larkin for owning it and doing so in such a respectable manner. Good on you, kid. We like you.

If you missed the video, seek no further. Here it is:

Again, thanks to Dylan Larkin for being such a good sport, and thanks to Evan (EG-Slayer) for letting the legend of D-Boss live on in Internet glory. The SnipShow is real, and it's not going anywhere.