Quick Hits: The City of Rebuilds Edition

In Red Wings Land

Jamie Samuelsen blog: All Detroit sports teams are rebuilding, so who’ll get it right? | Freep

1. Red Wings

This is based on one name and one name only – Steve Yzerman. If Ken Holland were still the GM, the Wings would be tied with the other three teams for last place. But Yzerman brings the credentials that he built up in Tampa Bay and the confidence from who he is and what he means to this community. His plan is clear. He wants to take time and accrue as many picks and prospects as possible. He has never put a timetable on how long this rebuild might take. He also hasn’t made it clear exactly what he thinks of some of the pieces that were already here when he took over last spring.

Hey, at least we’re the best of the worst. That counts for something, right?

We might still be years away from really competing for a Stanley Cup, but I have more confidence in Yzerman to get the job done for the city of Detroit than the other general managers in town.

Around the League

This is cool. I’m curious to see how it all gets integrated into the game broadcasts.

NHL general managers propose change to offside rule | Sportsnet

The proposal – which will still need to be approved by the competition committee and BOG – would change the language of the rule to say a player only has to break the plane of the blue line to determine offside. The current version of the rule requires at least one skate to be “in contact with, or on his own side of the line” for the player to be onside.

I’m in favor of whatever rule changes use the most common sense.