Red Wings Reach 4 Year Contract Extension with Ken Holland

Well, it happened.. Four more years of Kenneth the Great. Here is the press release per the organization:


DETROIT – The Detroit Red Wings announced today that the team has signed executive vice president and general manager Ken Holland to a new four-year contract that will keep him with the organization through the 2017-18 season.

"Ken is regarded as one of the premier executives in the National Hockey League and has been instrumental in the success of the Red Wings over the last two decades," Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch said. "Marian and I are extremely pleased that he will continue to lead our hockey club over the next four years. We feel strongly that stability is key to the success of any organization and having this new agreement in place with Ken is important to the organization and its future."

Holland, 58, has served as Detroit’s general manager for the past 17 seasons. Since taking the helm in July 1997, Holland-led teams have won more regular-season games (746) and postseason games (115) than any other NHL team.

The Vernon, British Columbia, native has contributed to four Stanley Cup championships in Detroit – three as the team’s general manager (1998, 2002 and 2008) and one as assistant general manager (1997).

During Holland’s tenure as Detroit’s general manager, the Red Wings have qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs in all 17 seasons (1997-2014). In addition, the Red Wings have won four Presidents’ Trophies, five regular-season Conference titles, 10 Division titles and have produced 13 100-point seasons.

Prior to his role in team management, Holland was a Red Wings player and scout. He has been with the organization in various capacities for the past 31 seasons.


So there you have it. I'll leave most of my thoughts to myself, but I'll let it be known that four years is probably a stretch. It seems that there are more people (fans) upset than optimistic over this, and that's somewhat of an issue. With a looming fork in the road approaching, Ken is very much in a "make or break" situation.. The team has a one to two year window left, in my opinion. I'll try to be as optimistic as I can, but Kenny hasn't really shown me any reason to be as such over the past half-decade. Ken Holland could very well be in charge of the impending Red Wings Franchise rebuild that is on the horizon, and after all of this veteran loyalty nonsense, I'm not so sure if I feel so confident as I should. The fact of the matter is Ken has been a part of every one of the four titles that have been brought to Detroit since 1997. He's helped build this once prime and dominant but now old and rusty juggernaut, it will be his responsibility to rebuild it.
Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Swear words?

Do you like this move?

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