Red Wings Select Donovan Sebrango and Eemil Viro in the 3rd Round of the 2020 NHL Draft

Detroit made two picks in the third round (barring a trade that comes after this article posts), selecting defenseman Donovan Sebrango at 63rd overall and defenseman Eemil Viroat 70th overall. They traded back to from 65th to 70th, adding the 132nd pick from Minnesota.

Sebrango is a 6’1” left shot defenseman from the Kitchener Rangers.

Here’s some of what Future Considerations has to say about Sebrango:

Sebrango is an offensive defenseman who skates well with the puck and can gain a head of steam carrying the puck up ice while weaving through traffic and gaining the offensive zone. He displays quality crossovers, always keeps his feet moving and will complete solid hockey stops. His backward stride is smooth and quick, but he is inconsistent in his transition from backward to forward as he tracks the player to the outside, sometimes throwing himself off stride and off balance, and giving the attacker a bit of a step in the process. His skating is good overall despite below average acceleration. In the defensive zone, he tends to be physical along the boards and loves to battle for the puck in open ice or along the boards. He plays a tight gap and utilizes his stick against the rush but sometimes he plays it too aggressively in the neutral zone, getting beat inside and being forced to play catchup. Again an issue in his transition. One of his best attributes is his passing, which always tends to be crisp and on point. It does not matter if he is completing a stretch pass, a one-touch pass along the blue line, a behind the back pass in his own zone or a backhanded pass. He loves to get involved in the offensive zone and will constantly look to complete pinches. When he does create a pinch, teams need to be wary of his shot. He will fire good shots along the half wall and has the potential to burn his opposition.

Viro is listed at 6’0” and 168lbs. He’s a left-shooting D-man with TPS.

Ranked #67 from Future Considerations:

An offensive-minded defender that aggressively joins rushes and gives his team a lot of offensive power from the blue line. A smooth skater, he is mobile on his skates and moves with ease around the ice. He is a versatile defender but while he does a lot of things good, he doesn’t excel in any one area. He plays a smart and reliable defensive game and has a good foundation that can be built on. He could use his body more efficiently in battles and needs to raise his compete level in front of the net to keep opposing players away from scoring chances, though that should improve when he adds more muscle to his body. He keeps calm when pressured by opposing forecheckers, however, sometimes that leads to turnovers when he holds on to the puck for too long. As versatile as his game is, his offensive upside is a work in progress, as he often doesn’t have the vision to spring dangerous passes. He likes to ask for the puck and join in on offensive rushes though, giving his forwards lots of opportunities and additional support. Likes to pinch aggressively to keep the pressure on puck carriers. He needs to work on his shot power and release as he is not firing the puck with great velocity. Puts forth an honest effort most of the time and will occasionally dig in a little extra to be a difference-maker in a shift. A good foundation to build on, but may be a long-term project that teams will have to be patient with.