Teemu Pulkkinen Fined For Diving

The NHL has announced that Red Wings forward Teemu Pulkkinen has been fined $2000 for "diving." The warning had reportedly come from the game in Vancouver. Here's the video of alleged dive:

And a closer look at the play in GIF form:

If you ask me, that's certainly an over-exaggerated fall by Pulkkinen, so I can agree with him being dinged for it. This will make the second Red Wings player to receive a fine for diving or embellishment over the last two seasons. Gustav Nyquist was fined last season.

As I said before, the warning came from the game in Vancouver. We are still working on digging up video on that play, so as soon as it becomes available, we will provide an update. Would be awfully nice for the NHL to provide complete context on diving/embellishment fines, but that would make too much sense, it seems.

Update: This could be the situation that earned Pulkkinen his warning, as all fines for diving come only after the player has been warned once before. The NHL hasn't confirmed whether this play from the Red Wings/Vancouver game is what did it, but it's the closest thing we could find.