Red Wings to appear on NBC Networks eight times in 2019-20 NHL season

All your favorite rivalry games plus the Wild!

One of the fun parts of being a hockey fan is figuring out all the different networks you have to have access to in order to watch all of your favorite team’s games. Today we fill in a good chunk of that puzzle:

Between NBCSN and the parent network NBC, Detroit will see eight of their games on a nationally broadcast network, complete with national broadcasts and special blackout restrictions for people based on where you live!

Here’s the rundown of Wings games:

Wednesday November 6th (Rivalry Night!) - Red Wings at NY Rangers 8pm on NBCSN
Sunday January 5th - Red Wings at Blackhawks 7:30 on NBCSN
Wednesday January 22nd (Another Rivalry Night!) - Red Wings at Wild 8pm on NBCSN - Last game before the All-Star break.
Monday February 3rd - Flyers at Red Wings 7:30pm on NBCSN
Thursday February 6th - Red Wings at Sabres 7pm on NBCSN
Sunday February 9th - Bruins at Red Wings 12:30pm on NBC
Sunday February 16th - Red Wings at Penguins 12:30pm on NBC
Thursday March 26th (Fight Nightiversary against... not the Avs!) - Flyers at Red Wings 7:30pm on NBCSN

The Chicago, Boston, and Pittsburgh games are all part of double/tripleheaders on their respective networks, but the good news is that each of those games is the first on the schedule. It’s possible that those games run long and end up bumped, but generally NBC prefers to force the later games to watch elsewhere while the earlier event wraps up.

If you’re in the Detroit viewing area, there’s a pretty good chance that a few of those NBCSN games are going to be on FS-D instead and that the national feed will be blacked out, but everywhere you see NBC, expect that will be the only place to (legally) watch.