Red Wings Tomas Tatar and Darren Helm Facing Possible Eviction

Hot Sauce does it again! I mean.. WHAT?

We all know Tomas Tatar as a pretty goofy guy. Whenever you see him in the locker room he's got that glowing shit-eating grin on his face, making jokes, or acting like a dork. We love it. He's a wonderful personality to have. He has fun playing this game, and I love that. Not only that, but he shows emotion. Every goal is special to Tomas, and that is something all Red Wings fans appreciate. Tomas' energy and fruitful personality is second-to-none.. But could that be a bad thing? I don't think so. However, an article was released today from The Detroit News' Mike Martindale that Darren Helm and Tomas Tatar (whom is subletting a living space from Helmer) may be facing eviction from their condominium complex due to noise complaints.. HUH?!?

Here's a bit from the article which can be found here:

According to the complaint, the association has received numerous complaints from neighbors that since late October 2013, excessive noise has been heard from the players' condominium "up to four nights a week" between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. including "loud music, yelling and banging on the floors and walls."

To add to this, Tatar has allegedly been reported for parking in spots designated for guests to the complex. The article goes on to explain the situation more:

The complaint alleges notices of violations have been sent to Helm at a Birmingham address and Tatar at the North Main Street address on Dec. 16 and Jan. 7 with the warning that if not corrected "the Association may commence litigation to evict the occupants and obtain money damages against you."

If you follow Tomas on Instagram, Twitter, or any of his social networking handles, you'll know that he loves his music. He likes listening to it loudly in his car.. So this really isn't a surprise. In fact, when I first read it a laughed thinking, "man what a dork." But then I got to thinking and realized how unfunny it actually is. Tomas Tatar is a pending RFA.. A pending RFA who is still subletting his living arrangements from a teammate.. Uggghhh... I know it's pure speculation, but it's my job as a fan to speculate about these things. The season is ending here soon and Tatar still doesn't have his own living arrangements set up? That, to me, is a bit unsettling.. Of course, maybe he's just waiting it out. Looking for a place to live sucks and I'm sure he doesn't have much experience with the matter. Either way I look at it, the thought that he is still renting and is a pending RFA at the end of this season is giving me all sorts of bad feels.

Does this worry you?

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