Red Wings vs. Blue Jackets: Rank 'Em!

Wings versus Jackets back in D-town. Ugly start to this one that got boring and butt-clenching at times. Once again, we headed to OT because the hockey gods kind of dislike you. Just to hammer it home, the refs were super quick-whistled during the OT as well and we got another shootout. Fortunately, the Wings won this one so yay the losing streak is over!

Quick Thoughts

  • "you can't say they don't work hard" is something that's said about bad teams.
  • I did not much care for the ticky-tacky shit that went against the Wings when it took Dalton Prout trying to rearrange Andreas Athanasiou's spine to get a power play. However, with my level of confidence in the Wings' PP, I can't complain.
  • Every once in a while you just start to wishing the team would get as mad as you are. That's where I was tonight.
  • Bonus thought! Quincey was excellent.

Now time to vote with your thumbs. Up for good and down for bad.

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