Red Wings vs. Capitals: Rank 'Em!

The Red Wings honored Sergei Fedorov for his Hall of Fame induction, which went with a great speech last night about how his best times were had in Detroit. Sergei's last NHL team and the only other fanbase that really appreciated him visited the Joe tonight and saw another Russian star shoot the absolute lights out. The Wings had a goal not count, but got one from Andreas Athanasiou, and that was all they needed for the 1-0 victory over Washington.

Quick Thoughts

  • That first period no goal call was quite annoying. I understand you couldn't observe the entire puck being in the net, but you could observe the entire glove that cleared the puck out of the net being in, so by transitive logic of fucking course it was in the net.
  • The whole team played very well. This was the best passing job the team did all season long, with crisp tape-to-tape stuff.
  • So Andreas Athanasiou is pretty fast, eh?/

Now it's time to vote on how the players did. Give a thumbs up for a good performance and a thumbs down for a bad job. If you weren't moved one way or another then please don't offer a vote on that individual. We count all of these up and then make wild baseless accusations about players and whether their bloodlines should survive the great cull based on these things, so take it seriously.

Detroit Red Wings Coach