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Red Wings vs. Flames: Rank ‘Em!

The Wings welcomed Calgary to the Joe trying to break their three-game losing streak. The Wings went into the third period with a lead, so you now it was just a regular ol’ boring Sunday game. Hey, the Red Wings won!

Quick Thoughts

  • The Wings were thinking well all game, but execution escaped them for the first 30 minutes or so. that was annoying to watch.
  • I don’t want him back, but I still miss Jiri Hudler.
  • I know it’s a small sample size, but what do you think of the Wings’ defense without Jonathan Ericsson? Did it look worse to you than usual?/

Now you give the votes for the players. Thumbs go up for good and down for bad. We count non-votes as neutral, so if you don’t think a guy was particularly good or bad, don’t give him a vote (Non-votes are counted as the difference between the number of votes a player gets and the number of votes the most-voted-on player receives).

Detroit Red Wings Coach

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