Red Wings vs. Hurricanes, Wings lose 5-3: Rank 'Em

Another Red Wings game in the books, another opportunity to share your feelings about that. This is what we're here for. The Wings sucked down their first loss of the season after getting thoroughly outplayed by Carolina. 5-3 was your final score.

Quick Thoughts

  • Not a lot of good performances in this one. Thumbs downs should get a workout.
  • Yeah that's it. This one sucked./

Ok, enough of that crap. Time to rank 'em! Check out the list below with all the pretty pictures and whatnot. If you liked the guy in the picture then I want you to give him a thumbs up. If you thought the guy in the picture made your day worse then I want you to give that guy a thumbs down. If you don't feel strongly one way or another, then not voting is still making a choice. I've got you either way, sucker! Mwahahahaha!

Best Red Wings Players