Red Wings vs. Panthers: Rank 'Em!

The Wings and Panthers were the only two teams in action on this Sunday. With the whole world watching, the two teams slogged through a low-scoring game where Detroit blew another one-goal lead in the third period. This is not a recording. This time the Wings blew it in OT. 2-1 Panthers is your final.

Quick Thoughts

  • I don't want to unduly influence the crowd here, but the Refs were absolute trash in this game.
  • I hope that team you like wins the Grey Cup tonight.
  • Would you rather have Reilly Smith or Brendan Smith for a son?/

Now we need you to get our your rankin' thumbs. They go up for the good guys and down for the bad guys. Don't waste thumbs on the guys you didn't think were particularly good or bad. There are people out there without thumbs and they don't appreciate thumb wastage. Don't be that guy.

Detroit Red Wings Coach