Red Wings vs. Sabres: Rank 'Em!

The Wings put their 13-game point streak on the line to welcome Buffalo to town on Monday night and took a one-goal lead into the third once again. You'll never guess what happened next. This time we got a bonus screwjob as the Wings gave up the game-winner with just over four minutes to play.

Quick Thoughts

  • Tomas Jurco once got a chance in the shootout under Babcock. He tried something fancy and Babcock put him in a dungeon for being fancy and not scoring. I'm chalking up the penalty shot fail to another place where Babcock has ruined Jurco's confidence. Sure, let's go with that.
  • Darren Helm may not score shorthanded, but he's pretty much the only person who gets chances. It's like the Gift of the Magi with this shit.
  • Red Wings should always wear the white jerseys at home. Every time. All the time. Please make it happen. I will also accept the Wings wearing their red jerseys if the other team is also wearing their primaries (provided that it's not one of the hundred other teams who also has red as primary, of course)./

Now you get to go through and give a thumbs up to the players you thought did a good job. Give a thumbs down to the players who did a bad job too. Remember, you don't have to vote if a player didn't make you feel one way or another.

Detroit Red Wings Coach