Red Wings vs. Senators: Rank 'Em!

Detroit welcomed Ottawa into town for the first time on Friday with a promise to go over to their house the next night for a rematch. The first half of this trip went badly, as the Wings found themselves down 2-1 going into the third and then got outplayed in the game's last 20 minutes on their way to a 3-1 loss.

Quick Thoughts

  • There's a good reason Marchenko is playing above Smith and Kindl.
  • Pulkkinen's cannon changes the power play. Have to find ways to use it more.
  • Far too much "please don't let me screw up" and not enough "Hey, watch me do this."/

Now it's time to rank 'em. Go up and down the lineup below and give thumbs up to the impressive players, thumbs down to the bad people, and nothing to the ones that didn't move your needle one way or another.

Best Red Wings Players