Red Wings vs. Sharks: Rank 'Em!

The Wings welcomed their old Western Conference nemesis Sharks into the Joe for some Friday night fun and now we're going to knee-jerk react to it! It was bad and the Wings lost 3-2. Boo.

Quick Thoughts

  • Not scoring more is getting tiring
  • Pavel Datsyuk is really good
  • Joe Thornton smells faintly of moldy leaves/

So here's the part where you come in and do all our work for us in figuring out how to feel about these guys. Give each player you thought did a good job a thumbs up and give the opposite to the bad dumb schlubs who screwed up your enjoyment of watching the game. As always, abstaining from a vote counts as voting neutral for a guy, so if you think of the guy as a brother, then don't give him thumbs. You don't thumbs your brother. That's gross.

Detroit Red Wings Coach