Red Wings vs. Stars: Rank 'Em!

The first Wings/Stars game of the season is in the books. The Wings were unable to come out with a win in this game. I can't really be mad about it, because through the final 40 minutes, they played well. Big shame of this game is the NHL officiating. There were multiple instances of Red Wings players taking hits to the head without proper calls. Jimmy Howard took an unintentional knee to the head, was down, and the whistle didn't get blown. Ales Hemsky took a headshot to Jonathan Ericsson, left his feet, and did not call a penalty. Ericsson took a penalty for roughing Hemsky afterwards.

Aside from the first 20 minutes, the Wings played a decent game. Unfortunately, they couldn't come out with the W.

Quick Thoughts

  • The Red Wings were again outshot in this game, but really turned it up after the first 20 minutes. Andreas Athanasiou looked great.
  • The officiating was a complete gongshow in terms of player safety, with two missed calls on shots to head from Dallas./

so the thing from here is that you're supposed to tell us what we're supposed to think about the Wings' performances. Give people a thumbs up below if you think they did a good job. Give thumbs down to the schmucks too. If it's not too much trouble, you could abstain from voting on people for dumb reasons. No vote still counts as a neutral vote in our book. Thanks!

Detroit Red Wings Coach