Red Wings Week Ahead: October 11

The Wings are 2-0 after the first week of the season. Let's see what else we've got in store.

Sunday - Just one NHL game on the calendar

Rest and relax knowing the Wings managed to pull four points out of the weekend. Watch some playoff baseball or the Lions against the Cardinals. If you want to, you can watch the Wings' division rivals Senators at Canadiens starting at 7pm.

Monday - Get a scouting report ready and also WIIM Radio

The Wings remain idle again, but their Tuesday opponent, the Tampa Bay Lightning, will be in Boston playing Monday night. Tampa also started their season with four points after taking an OT victory against Philly and a 4-1 decision over Buffalo. Boston has been tepid poop so far. Might as well watch to get familiarized with the new version of the team that eliminated Detroit from last year's playoffs.

Also, we'll be recording a new episode of WIIM Radio, so stay tuned for the mailbox to open on Monday for reader questions.

Tuesday - Red Wings vs. Lightning (7:30pm on NBCSN)

Our long nightmare is over as Red Wings hockey finally returns from an interminable break. The Wings will be battling their best test of the season. Let's see if they can get it done in front of the home crowd.

Wednesday - Ottawa vs. Columbus WOO!

The schedule isn't too exciting for hump day, as NBCSN puts another west-vs-east matchup on "Rivalry Night" with CHI-PHI going head-to-head. Ottawa plays their 80th game of the season so far as they take on the Columbus David Clarksons.

Thursday - Quiet reflection & weekend preparation

The NHL has eight games scheduled for Thursday, including Dallas vs. Tampa and Rangers-Habs. Treat yourself to ice cream tonight if you finish all your dinner. You've earned this.

Friday - Red Wings vs. Hurricanes (7:30pm on FS-D)

Detroit plays their second of three October matchups against Carolina on Friday night at the Joe. After these three, Detroit is done with the 'Canes. Hopefully the Wings can pull this one off without being outshot more than 2-to-1.

Saturday - Red Wings at Canadiens (7:00pm on NHLN-US and FS-D)

The second time in this week that the Red Wings will face off against a team largely picked to finish ahead of them in the Atlantic Division this season. Montreal will be coming in more rested, as their previous game will have been on Thursday and they're not going back-to-back over the weekend either. It will be a great test for the Wings.

- - -

The other thing to watch for this week is that Dan Cleary's week to decide what he's going to do about having been assigned to Grand Rapids but not wanting to go there will be running out. I don't know if he'll report or retire, but I do think that if he doesn't do either, he'll be suspended.

At least I hope that would be the case.