Report: Flint Firebirds coaching staff fired immediately after comeback win

FLINT, MICH -- News has surfaced that there has been some dramatic events from OHL's Flint Firebirds players, coaches, and front office tonight:

Typically, we don't write on such events, but given that it is a Michigan team, and we have a prospect playing for the Firebirds, this is sort of a big deal. Judging by the tweets posted above, the owner of the Flint Firebirds have fired the ENTIRE coaching staff due his son's ice time. In response to that, the team quit, including the owner's son


It appears that the reports are true.

As we all know, 2015 3rd-rounder Vili Saarijarvi plays for Flint, so I have to imagine he was a part of this "strike" if you want to call it that. Very strange news, over curious reasons. If the story holds up, you have to think that the Red Wings front office should be making a call to Flint immediately. Saarijarvi is a high-profile prospect, who needs to be looked out for in terms of development. This is a messy situation for him to be in.

This story is developing.