REPORT: Pavel Datsyuk ‘holed up’ at monastery with conspiracy theorist priest

Former Red Wing forward Pavel Datsyuk is reportedly one of many hiding away at a Russian monastery defended by Cossacks along with a priest who claims COVID-19 is a conspiracy to micro-chip people, according to

Former Detroit Red Wings star Datsyuk, 41, is said to be at Ekaterinburg’s Central Urals Monastery, where according to local media Shiigumen (father superior) Sergius has taken over after ousting the abbess of the convent.

The power grab comes after Sergius was reportedly banned from conducting religious duties because of his claims that the Covid-19 outbreak was a “pseudo-pandemic” and that it was being used as an excuse to microchip the public.

The priest is also said to have complained that the closure of churches in Russia during the coronavirus crisis was done under pressure from “the atheistic authorities.”

The report goes on describing this very bizarre situation, adding that Datsyuk is fully supporting the rebellious religious leader. According to RT, this priest was set to face a church trial for disobeying a patriarch — a trial that was scheduled for Monday, but has been postponed until June 26. Sergius, the priest and former police officer, was also previously convicted of murder which landed him behind bars for 13 years.

This is not the first time Pavel Datsyuk has revealed his allegiance to his faith; back in 2013, Datsyuk was asked about Russia’s anti-gay laws:

To translate that further, here is what the Russian Orthodox Church says about same-sex relationships:

“This is a very dangerous apocalyptic symptom, and we must do everything in our powers to ensure that sin is never sanctioned in Russia by state law, because that would mean that the nation has embarked on a path of self-destruction,” [church leader ] Kirill stated.”

In the hockey world, we all know what Pavel Datsyuk is known for. I won’t get into that, because frankly I find it completely irrelevant. Yes, the man is allowed to have his beliefs - but there are consequences to what we do. I have personally moved on from him as a fan, and I believe the organization should do its best to distance itself from the player.

UPDATE: Late Wednesday afternoon, former Freep sportswriter Keith Gave put some water on the flames, saying he spoke with Datsyuk’s agent on his whereabouts.. But still no official statement or comment from Pavel himself:

Edit 6/18 (J.J.) - This is from Datsyuk’s agent, Dan Milstein and proves that... well it proves that Milstein is Datsyuk’s agent.

This is a developing story; the report has not been confirmed by SB Nation or Winging it in Motown.