Report: What Does Phil Kessel do for a Living?

It all started out so well in our Morning Skate, then commenter Dr. Gigawolf changed the whole day with this comment.

Sometimes for fun...

I show non hockey fans pictures of Phil Kessel in street clothes and ask what they think this man does for a living. Here are some of the responses I get:

  • "Did he invent some shitty hipster website?"
  • "I think I went to high school with that guy. He smelled bad."
  • "Professional dog walker?"
  • "Adjunct professor of medieval history?"
  • "Turtle enthusiast?"

For reference and so you can play at home, this is the picture I most often use:


This one was too good not to share with the world, so I Tweeted the game out to the masses and started collecting answers. This has been a wonderful experience. Here's what we came up with. We got a TON of responses and didn't have space for everything, although you can check out all the submissions at @WingingitMotown's favorites on Twitter.

In honesty, we got that answer a lot. There's probably two dozen or more responses that say some combination of "kills people" or "serial killer". This was far and away the favorite answer. Computers and video games also factored heavily.

"Stand-Up Comedian" was another popular one, although about half of them did specify that he is definitely a bad stand-up.

and "former child actor" is an amazing answer.

Perfect answer.

Hey, she calls it like she sees it.

Hahahahaha "HE'S TOO FAT" did it.

It's adorable that Anthrax Jones and his dad have emoji conversations.

You cut me deep there, The Jackhammer.

Could go either way. You know.

The first answer I got was "Sells cars." I think Ebola Czar is the perfect answer.

That one's just crazy.

Seriously though, I was flooded with amazing replies. Go check out the favorites for @WingingitMotown's feed and see for yourself. Share your favorites in the comments.