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Reverse Retro Wings left black and blue: Canes win 1-0.

First Period

Husso makes his first big save 4 minutes in as the Canes go from no shots to 3 shots in one fell swoop.

Then Husso does more work. It’s cliche to say there’s a lot of back and forth, but I’m saying it because that’s what’s happening. A lot of broken-up plays without whistles interrupting it.

This is the most boring first-period recap I’ve ever written. Is the game boring or am I boring? Maybe both. Shots are in the Canes favor 8-6 with 5 minutes to go.

Something happened, and it’s bad! The Red Wings head to the penalty kill, Erne in the Evil Erne Enclosure for slashing. Red Wings do get an odd man rush out of it without shooting. Then something else bad happens, Skjei scores and it’s 1-0 Canes.

1:11 to go and Larkin heads down the tunnel early after blocking a shot with his wrist. Red Wings don’t hurt your arms challenge (difficulty: impossible).

That’s it. 1-0 Canes. Shots 10-7 Canes. None of the Wings shots were really dangerous.

Second Period

Larkin back on the bench, surprising no one.

It’s been 7 minutes and I have nothing to say. There is nothing to say. The Wings did finally get a shot and it was a real chance, first time in the game.

Raymond and Perron try to find a way to jab the puck into the net and end up drawing a penalty. Time for a Rrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Brent Burns in the Bad Boy Box. You might be surprised to know it’s a powerplay if you were watching it. Canes defense has been shutting everything down.

This was amusing though.

Another chance, another Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! Repeat offender Brent Burns is back in the Crimes Cage. 6:20 to go in the period. Canes again smothering the powerplay leading to another pooperplay. Two powerplays and no shots.

Let’s try that again! Staal dumps Czarnik and goes to the Sinning Staal Stall. 1:45 to go in the period, and maybe the powerplay will be cut short by scoring a goal! The powerplay was cut short, by another penalty. Kubalik sits in the Timeout Terrarium. 4v4 hockey time ends the period.

The Wings had 13 shots this period and now have a total of 21 but it doesn’t feel like it. Carolina has 15 shots and the only goal.

Third Period

Larkin is not on the bench. We now have top-line center Joe Veleno. All the remaining penalty time is killed.

Now Seider got hit in the face. No high-sticking call. He hunches over holding his nose but is ok and still beautiful.

6 minutes to go so I should say something. It’s a sad and boring game but plenty of time for an event to occur (it won’t). We do get the first loud HUUUUUUUUUUUSS of the night.

2:45 to go and Husso heads to the bench. Canes up 1-0 and shots even at 27 (that sounds better than it looked). Seider doing work to protect the empty net. Whistled down for a hand pass that was debatable.

1 minute left and Husso back in the net for that faceoff.

30 seconds and Husso gone. Moose had a great opportunity alone in front of the net but couldn’t handle it.

Game over. Canes win 1-0.

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