SB Nation NHL FanPulse results recap: Fans pick the playoff shuffle

Hey folks, remember a couple weeks ago when we all had bright eyes for the NHL season and we introduced you to SB Nation’s FanPulse project? We asked our readers to take part in polls that would take... well... the fans’ pulse on things.

We got a lot of signups and some great information from across the league on our first questions and now we’d like to show you the results.

Question 1

No surprises at the top of this poll given the hot starts both teams are off to.  The Panthers currently occupy the top wild card spot while the Habs and the Panthers both look like they could be competitive in an Eastern Conference with plenty of question marks.

If you think fans have forgotten about the decent-looking Rangers or Peter’s bold pick the Coyotes, those were the top two teams who missed the cut for the graphic.

But hey, if you’re reading here there’s a real good chance you’re a Red Wings fan and for shits and giggles are real curious about how the bottom of the rankings fell.  I can tell you that not one single team went 0% on the poll (since it is a fan poll and some folks will definitely vote with hearts over heads). Here’s how it ranked out from the lowest vote totals:

Ottawa Senators - 0.68%
Los Angeles Kings - 1.37%
Minnesota Wild - 1.91%
Detroit Red Wings - 4.44%
New Jersey Devils - 6.76%
Vancouver Canucks - 7.31%
Chicago Blackhawks - 7.38%

So thank you to those four out of every 90 people who voted in the confidence.

Question 2

Hey, somebody’s gotta fall out if some new folks are getting in, right?

No real surprises here as I think the general fan voting is pretty good for what I’d consider gauging likelihood as well.  The only team above 10% in the voting that didn’t make the graphic was Pittsburgh at 13.6% before you drop down to 8.54% of folks picking the Flames’ playoff hopes to extinguish.

For the playoff locks, you’ve got Washington leading the way at 1.16% of the vote. St. Louis, Boston, Tampa, Colorado, and Toronto make up the other teams who each have fewer than 3% of the fans picking them to fall out of the playoffs from last year.

We’ll be getting out our next round of questions to folks soon to keep the project going all season. If you’re interested in taking part of the voting, you can sign up here:

NHL FanPulse Sign Up Form