SB Nation NHL FanPulse results recap: stuff it

Welcome to our latest edition of the FanPulse recap! In our last episode, we covered the coaches’ hot seat (hahaha).  This time, we’re going network-wide to share the REAL important stuff(ing).

But first, in case you’ve missed the boat so far, here’s a reminder of when we introduced you to SB Nation’s FanPulse project. We asked our readers to take part in polls that would take... well... the fans’ pulse on things.

Which Thanksgiving Side Should Be Banned?

With apologies to our Canadian readers who see this a month too late, the votes here match my personal tastes pretty well. Although, I wouldn’t ban any sides from Thanksgiving dinner. More than half my family loves green bean casserole; I’m a grownup who can just eat something else.  Also, as a personal aside, it’s weird for me because I love all the ingredients of green bean casserole but I can’t stand them together.

This one isn’t just NHL fans though; this one was SB Nation-wide, so they also provided us with a fancy graph on how each league’s fans voted:

Really close among NHL fans whether to give the boot to sweet potatoes or mac & cheese. Also interesting that football fans almost put the sweet potatoes at the top.

We’ll be getting out our next round of questions to folks soon to keep the project going all season. If you’re interested in taking part of the voting, you can sign up here:

NHL FanPulse Sign Up Form