SB Nation NHL FanPulse: The Threeconfidence Edition

Welcome to the new FanPulse results!  You sign up for the FanPulse project, they send you questions to answer, and we collect all that beautiful data to share back with you.

We’re ONCE AGAIN revisiting the question gauging fan confidence in the team’s direction from a couple weeks ago. Here’s the last time we looked, if you’re feeling nostalgic..

Question 1

All the way back up to 87% baby! For those of you visually-inclined folks, you’ll see that’s right back where we started when the question was first asked, then just before the trade deadline and then again after Steve Yzerman was able to wring some extra picks out of Edmonton.

For comparison’s sake, I’ll stick with the same teams that we’ve been tracking just to show how their fanbases are bouncing.  I’ll bold the teams that have changed to much they no longer belong in this comparables bracket.

The newest numbers are compared to the previous poll’s:

Comparables: Islanders +5% +5% , Jets -7% -20%, Maple Leafs 0% -16%, Rangers +1% +12%, Wild +12% -16%, Oilers -8% +17%, Flames +8% 0%

Buffalo dropped from the first to the second and then their fans got real excited about buying Wayne Simmonds, apparently.

Comparables: Sharks +3% +3%, Ducks -11% +33%

Nashville continues to rise and went from the lowest fan confidence to one of the teams near-split in their fans. All the way up to 48% confidence. .

Comparables: None

The Kings started off at 100% confident and then reality set in and 33% of their fans jumped ship. They’ve held strong at the same level this time. .

Comparables: Bruins -6% +1%, Panthers -26% (hahaha) -38% (hahaha again), Flyers -1% +4%, Blues -27% (hahaha) +19%, Penguins -2% -3%, Lightning -6% +6%, Canucks -Still at 100%, Capitals -29% (hahaha) +23%, Hurricanes -25% +16%, Avalanche -1% 0%

Chicago continues to drop. Since another 40% drop would lead to an impossible negative, only seven out of 100 jumped ship this time.

Comparables: Devils -41% (biggest drop) +41% (Make up your damn minds), Golden Knights -14% +46% (you too), Stars +15% +5%, Canadiens +12% -19%,

We’ll be getting out our next round of questions to folks soon to keep the project going all season. If you’re interested in taking part of the voting, you can sign up here:

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