Sh00t0ut Blues: Lightning 4 - Red Wings 3 (SO)

It's Sunday, we've all got work/school/stuff to do tomorrow, and it's been a long day, so let's cut right to the observations, because we get 4 whole days to dissect what happened and what the issues are for the Wings right now.

Few things fill me with as much dread as the phrase "the Red Wings and (insert opponent name here) are headed to a shootout".

I can't imagine saying that I didn't enjoy witnessing Steven Stamkos play hockey and calling myself a fan of the game. He's one of the best players in the game and he's a pleasure to watch. Just not against the Red Wings.

Welcome to the land of offense, Darren Helm. Too bad that didn't carry over to the shootout, but a goal is a goal, am I right?

The Wings miss Pavel Datsyuk. Like, a lot. Seriously, he's a good player who, when he's in the lineup, makes the Wings better. He should get healthy so he can play because that would help Detroit.

Look on the bright side: at least Radko Gudas didn't concuss any Red Wings tonight.

Dan Cleary is causing a strong debate within myself. On the one hand, I feel that his play through the last 3 games has earned him further ice time and a spot in the lineup. On the other hand, I just know that the minute he steps foot on the ice in his 10th game and earns that $1M bonus, I'm going to be mad that he got a contract because of a promise. Oh well. Keep playing good, Dan! the Red Wings have a competent power play? Another game, another PPG, this one a blast from Johan Franzen, who got back on the scoresheet after being out with an injury.

Thing I learned tonight because I checked the Red Wings do not have a negative goal differential in any period so far this season. The shootout doesn't count as a "period".

Counting back from last Sunday, tonight marked the Wings' 5th game in a week, and they managed to go 1-1-3. That's not the best looking record, especially considering they played Buffalo and Ottawa in that stretch, but getting 5 out of 10 points isn't the end of the world when they didn't even play mediocre hockey for about half of those games. Heck, even tonight, I'd consider that a very "meh" performance. Not terrible, not great, just good enough to get a point and get the game to extra time.

Remember when I said we have some time to kill? The Wings don't play again until Friday when the Blackhawks roll into town. Should be a fun few days after this past week and how well they played. Right? Everyone?