Sharks win 4-3 and we’re going home with a loser point!

Double dose of Greece Lightning and Hirose’s first goal weren’t enough to grab two points so we settle for the shootout loss.

LGD IS BACK Y’ALL. San Jose has won five straight. Let’s go!

First Period

High energy in the first few shifts, unfortunately Fabbri takes a penalty two minutes in and we’re on the penalty kill. Wings kill the penalty and Fabbri leaps out of the box and gets a shot on Jones.

Sidenote: this might be the first time in a decade that the Shork Tank hasn’t had lighting like they’re playing in an actual aquarium complete with glow gravel.

Already halfway through and the pace is still fast, Larkin does some nice work with a little pocket pick but is outnumbered. Getting a little pushy shovey but it’s the Sharks so I’m sure it’ll get worse later. AA took the wrong lesson from Filppula and went to pass the puck to Fil instead of shooting.

Then a nifty move from LGD that he has no right to make and a chance for Fabbri. Busy busy but no goals yet.

Nice save by Jimmy with 7:30 to go as the Wings struggle to clear the zone, Sharks starting to catch up to the Wings speed and make more trouble.

Remember the pushy shovey? Helm gets smooshed into the boards and LGD immediately goes in to help grabbing a Shork with a headlock while Erne goes for the collar grab. Helm goes right to the room, hopefully he’s just winded and will be back.

Under 5 minutes to go and Fabbri is out here shaming Sharks’ ancestors all the way back to the Paleozoic Era but sadly Jones again comes up with a save.

It’s all Sharks and Jimmy makes the save but the puck is loose and shot into the net and we hear a cruise ship head out to sea, oh wait that’s the goal horn. Terrible defense from Hicketts and Ericsson on that one, yes that’s our defense pairing and not a remake of Twins. Jimmy is wondering if that cruise ship has room for one more. 1-0 Sharks and that’s how we end the period.

QOTP: “-he’s listed as day to day, but aren’t we all?” - Ken Daniels, it’s philosophizing szn.

Second Period

HELM IS OK, everyone calm down.

The Red Wings are not ok. Vlasic scores just over a minute in and Jimmy may want that one back, we’ll say it was a deflection to save face. 2-0 Sharks-AND ATHANASIOU SCORES!!!! 2-1 Sharks. 13 seconds from despair to AA flair. And another point for Fabbri.

Wings are all over it now, Larkin doing work and gets hooked but no call. Mantha and Erne bugging Jones as well, Mantha goes charging to the goal and is called for a penalty. Apparently goaltender interference means skating into the goalie’s stick that he is sticking out at your legs. Wings penalty kill at 5 minutes in.

Hicketts is basically standing on the puck and kills a significant amount of penalty, good work by Mighty Joe.

8 minutes in and Larkin is high-sticked so the Wings are on the powerplay! For better, or for worse. Perlini robbed by Jones, a highway robbery even, and Sharks kill the penalty.

Finally, FINALLY, Hirose scores his first goal of the season. Beautiful goal with Hirose alone in front, stick taps to Perlini for setting it up and getting his first point as a Wing. We’re tied up 2-2 with 8 to go.

Less than a minute later, and Hicketts goes to the box for the sports crime of slashing. And eek Couture hits the goalpost of a wide open net and then &%$(*&^ Erik Karlsson scores, I’m sure he’ll be traded to the Red Wings at 3am. 3-2 Sharks.

Wings get their chance to tie it up as the Sharks take a Too Much Man penalty and we’re back on the powerplay! Wings have it in the zone most of the time but can’t get a chance set up any good shots. And that will take us to intermission.


Third Period

LGD line keeps the energy hyyyyype with another fast start to the period. Great to see the Wings looking so energetic they may even be playing a 60 minute game.

We get an exciting 2 on 1 with Bertuzzi and Mantha but Vlasic breaks it up and I audibly growled. You know what else is exciting? Helm carries the puck through the neutral zone and Burns aims for him butt-first like an angry hornet but Helm just flattens him like an asteroid. Beautiful.

Sharks playing trap game hockey now and the Wings have to find a way to stop the Sharks being boring. AND THEY DO. GREECE LIGHTNING STRIKES AGAIN!! Tied up 3-3 and 4 minutes until LGD OT!!!!

JAMES. TIBERIUS. HOWARD. TWO. HUGE. SAVES. James is committed to LGD OT, hooooooboy that has to be a big confidence boost for Jimmy.

One minute to LGD OT.

30 seconds to LGD OT.


Third OT game in a row, but this one is for me.

QOTP: [KEN DANIELS YELLING] KD yelled so loud about Jimmy Howard that Santa needed earplugs.


Larkin is hooked, no call. Now Larkin is on a breakaway and HE MISSES. Filppula saves a goal after getting acquainted with the boards. AA handles this himself and GETS TAKEN OUT BUT GUESS WHAT NO PENALTY SHOT. This is literally exactly when you should have a penalty shot. AA had them beat and got his legs hacked out from under him by Burns.

Powerplay which means Larkin, Bert, AA and Mantha are out there together. THE SQUAD. They’ve been out there for about 10 minutes now. Fabbri to Filppula but no go and we’re back to 3v3.

One minute to skills contest.

AA out with Larkin and Bowey.

Larkin beats Burns to the puck (obviously) then to AA and off the crossbar arghhhh!!

This was not part of the plan.


Frans - X. The Danish Backhand of Justice does not deliver.

Labanc - O. Nice move unfortunately.

AA - X.

Couture - X.

Larkin - X.

Loser point, ahoy! San Jose wins but shootouts are stupid and AA should have gotten a penalty shot.

Goodnight, good morning, and drink some water Hockeytown!