Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Thread: Saturday April 27th

Carolina 1 at NY Islanders 0 - Hurricanes lead 1-0
Colorado 2 at San Jose 5 - Sharks lead 1-0

Dallas Stars (1WWC) at St. Louis Blues (3CTL) - 2:00pm ET

St. Louis leads 1-0

How to Watch: NCB, SN, TVAS
Blues Blog: St. Louis Game Time
Stars Blog: Defending Big D

The Setup: Not a bad start to this series. Both teams with plenty to build on.

Columbus Blue Jackets (2EWC) at Boston Bruins (2ATL) - 8:00pm ET

Boston leads 1-0

How to Watch: NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS,
Jackets Blog: The Cannon
Bruins Blog: Stanley Cup of Chowder

The Setup: The Jackets had forever off and finally lost a playoff game, but it took the Bruins into OT to make it happen.