Sunday Scoreboard Watching Open Thread

We're at the gross part of the season where we're compelled to watch hockey games that the Wings aren't playing because they have a huge impact on Detroit's playoff chances. We have two such matchups today, so we're going to have a scoreboard watching open thread where all of us can disgustingly root for teams that aren't Detroit because by proxy, they kind of are the Wings.

Boston Bruins at Chicago Blackhawks

When: 12:30pm

Where: NBC, TVAS, SN

Why: Boston dropped from once leading the Atlantic all the way out of the third-seed and remain our best bet of one out of the two teams we have a decent shot of finishing in front of for the playoffs. Currently, the Bruins sit one point behind the Wings, but today is their game in hand, so a win jumps them back into the playoff picture and boots us out once again.

Only a win for Boston passes Detroit. If the Bruins make it to OT and lose, the Wings will hold the ROW tiebreaker.

Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins

When: 5:00pm


Why: Philly and Detroit are tied with 91 points, but the Flyers have two games in hand (today being one of them). Detroit currently holds the ROW tiebreaker if the Flyers somehow lose both of those games in hand. Pittsburgh had already clinched their playoff spot, but since they're not catching the Capitals, they'll be motivated to hold onto the Metropolitan 2-seed (and also motivated to beat the Flyers because they hate them). The recent injury to Marc-Andre Fleury hurts here.

- - -

It's a lazy Sunday open thread to root more against Philly and Boston than to root for those other two gross teams. Enjoy!